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All Spotlights on Arnel Pineda

Lorrelle Monninger (

By Lorrelle Monninger

Arnel Pineda

Journey Hollywood 2011 (Cable Muse Network) Lorrelle Monninger

On October 11, 2011  (  - Journey preformed at the Hollywood Bowl to a sold out audience of over 18,000.The show was fresh with new lead singer Arnel Pineda, an energetic talented tenor. His voice sounds a lot like Steve Perry. Arnel's words are a little crisper in pronunciation. He is from the Philippians and he's younger than Steve Perry.

Arnel has something different and unique he has brought passion and soul to the songs from Journey...The reason for this was Arnel had a hard life for 2 years when he was a teenager he was homeless sleeping on park benches collecting scrap metal and signing just to get food to eat. Living on the streets made him humble and he strove harder to have things us Americans at times take for granted. When Arnel sang at the concert he brought a new level of passion to the songs and a new fan base, the Asian community.

Journey Hollywood 2011 (Cable Muse Network) Lorrelle Monninger

Arnel started singing at clubs in his late teens and became a lead singer for a cover band called "The Zoo" in Manila, Philippians. He was discovered on a "You Tube" video singing in a club by Neal Schon of Journey. During this time Journey had new songs written and ready for a new tour but they did not have a lead singer so Journey had to hold many auditions and did not find the right person. At a time when Neal was about to give up he was a hit on "You Tube" and discovered a video by Arnel singing a cover song (see end of article for Video), the very next song was a song from Journey his vocals were amazing and this had Neil's attention. Neal called the rest of the members of the band and had them look on "You Tube" it was very late in the night but the band agreed they had to talk to him and had to have Arnel come to the states to audition.

Usually concerts have a single opening act but Journey had two, they were "Night Ranger" and "Foreigner". Both bands played their greatest hits and had very impressive video images playing on big screens behind the bands timed well with the music that was being played at the time.

Journey Hollywood 2011 (Cable Muse Network) Lorrelle Monninger

After "Foreigner" sang their last song , "Foreigner" had the crowd cheering for Journey and this chant kept getting more energetic with every minute, the lights flashed and the video screens came on, lazer lights and then the band came on! The cheers of the crowd got very loud and "Journey" started off with a bang!

When the second song started "Big Wheel in the Sky" every person in the audience sang the song to "Journey". The band stopped after the first 3 lines of the song. They were stunned, and the band were on the mic saying "Wow! Thanks! Your so cool LA!" and then started back up with the song from that point on the audience sang all the songs with them. Arnel and Neal Schon were all over the stage and catwalks along the stage singing and playing the guitar. When the slow songs were played Arnel had the audience pull out their cell phones and use them for lighting effects like many years past when I went to concerts they used lighters for the same effect.

Journey Hollywood 2011 (Cable Muse Network) Lorrelle Monninger

The last song was "Don't Stop Believing", and cannons above the stage went off many times covering the stage and the audience with confetti and when the song ended the band was taking its final curtain calls and bows just as the lights went down for the last time. Fireworks started and the display went for fifteen minutes long.

VIDEO FAITHFULLY : by Arnel Pineda with the Zoo Band

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