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Calling Michael Moore

Joyce Godwin Grubbs

Special 'Communitary' by Joyce Godwin Grubbs

November 01, 2009 – Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Cable Muse Network) -- Citizens in Cedar Rapids, Iowa took notice “Capitalism: A Love Story” is open in theaters and Michael Moore is making the rounds on various talk shows. Neighborhood advocates are trying to find a “contact” to help them reach Mr. Moore directly. The advocates believe their communities are his next ‘big gig’. “Conspiracy in the Heartland: A Greed Story” they say would make an expose’ that could fill books and supply a mini-series. However, there is a deadline.

Cedar Rapids ( Joyce Grubbs

Severely splintered groups including the city officials surround the nucleus of struggling flood victims. Each group claimed to have pure motives and the best interest of the victims at the core of their plans. Victims on the other hand are asking, “Where’s the money?” They also complain about the “quietest election cycle” imaginable. They express a belief the media is being micro-managed to keep the “flood relief stories” suppressed. Conspiracy theories abound about the delay of buyout and rehab monies being deliberate efforts to further certain financial agendas.

Cedar Rapids ( Joyce Grubbs

Why Michael Moore? One source says it is because he has no vested interests other than exposing fraud. It is believed Moore would care that in the flood plain of Cedar Rapids, is  still devastated neighborhood. A home with a cardboard sign on the porch held down by rocks, reads, “15 months and no buy out. They want us out of the FEMA trailers in November. Where’s our buyout money?” He may decry that FEMA will now require homeowners in the trailers to pay $900 a month rent when New Orleans victims were offered trailer buy out options at $1. Visiting New Orleans victims are still shocked when they visit the Cedar Rapids flood plain and shake their heads at the unbelievable devastation.

The Cedar Rapids city government position has been: “When the federal money is on hand it will be dispersed”. However, the city has found resources to pay out millions to “out of state consultants” on how to develop the land and neighborhoods of the victims; millions to a New York firm alone.

Community activist and elected School Board member Lisa Kuzela declined to run for re-election to the school board in order to champion the flood victims who lost their homes.  As a flood victim her “fight” is public, spirited and in writing to various organizations such as RIO (Rebuild Iowa Office) and LTR (Long Term Recovery). She challenges alleged “misinformation” regarding arbitrary “deadlines for help” for victims. Ms. Kuzela advocates absolute accuracy and hands on victim assistance by the organizations rather than requiring the victims to “root” out what is available and having to inform each other. In a strong letter of admonition to the two organizations Lisa stated, “Do you really think that a flood victim who has lost everything would not seek every possible fund if he knew about it?” Lisa Kuzela went on to say it had been “inappropriate” for the groups to take credit for additional victim applicants after an “artificial” deadline was set for funding help.  This left some victims confused and believing October 16, 2009 was the actual deadline for the money when according to Iowa law (HF 64) June 30, 2010; a difference of eight months.

Cedar Rapids ( Joyce Grubbs

Michael Moore if you are listening. Some voiceless victims of America’s fourth largest natural disaster believe you could cast some light on their plight. In addition, if you know Ashton and Demi, you might bring them with you. These victims need help and they have deadlines fast approaching.

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