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"The (Cable-Muse Network) feedback and support, particularly for a new writer is unprecedented with any other news outlet I've ever worked for/with, whether freelance or full-time news employee. Kudos to showing you actually care!!! "- Michael A. Harris (New York City/New Jersey)

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Sample Press Pass (

Are you a freelance writer, blogger, photographer, videographer; new media generation and need your press credentials? As freelance in new media reporting, you have likely been turned away from covering special events, openings and major galas. You may have been snubbed as a blogger, amateur, student or for not having “proper” credentials. Need a backstage pass to cover the event?

Cable Muse Network LLC (CMN) will help you build your credentials in just two steps. 

Perks: Despite, writer’s cramp, writer’s block and the shutter bug, new media journalists and photographers are able to find a few perks, also known as “freebies” such as waved ticket charges, invitations to grand openings of museums, art exhibitions, night clubs and backstage passes to name a few. When you have credentials, you may have the opportunity to interview politicians, celebrities and artists which would have otherwise unavailable to you.

What sets CMN Press Credentials apart from others is we believe in our freelance contributors. We review and critique the work of our contributors. We require regular contributions to CMN in order to keep the credentials in good standing. We will hold you to same high standards we hold ourselves.

Do I need credentials to cover an event in the United States? No; we have laws that protect freedom of the press and speech. However, we also have the Catch 22 theory; most events require verifiable press credentials from a publisher such as Cable Muse Network LLC.  Note: Event coordinators may and should ask for you for a second picture identification before permitting access to any event.

Sample Press Pass (

Will my credentials help me pass police or fire lines? Absolutely not; as a responsible journalist or photographer you must always keep your safety and that of others in mind. We recommend you contact your local police department for any additional restrictions and requirements of members of the press.

Why are CMN Press Credentials fees cheaper than similar programs? Cable Muse Network LLC is founded and supported by freelance writers and new media persons such as you. We have also been caught in the “catch 22” of event coverage and want to be your muse and get you started today.

Step 1: Apply and pay your application fee; Choose membership and PAY NOW

Step 2: Submit 2 recent face shots (Jpg, Gif) for your Press Pass Identification and online Verification Send ID Photo Here (include name and contact info)

When you are approved, you will receive:

  • Press Pass Identification with your photograph and Verification Number
  • Letter of Introduction (General)
  • Letters of introduction to event coordinators (faxed upon request)
  • Lanyard and/or badge clip
  • Staff listing after second consecutive publication on
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 “I had the opportunity to work with some elite companies... I must say my immediate response to a call for assistance was gratifying, but the personal, friendly and accurate solution to my need was absolutely commendable… I will be telling others about you and your company” - Joyce Godwin Grubbs- Author (Davenport, IA)

“Your press pass has worked wonders on two continents. I'm glad to make it real.” - Joel Simpson (New Jersey, USA)


Renewal notices are sent within a month of membership expiration. Note: Press Passes expire on the date of initial membership and shown on all new identifications. We cannot verify your Press Pass unless you had renewed.

2012 Membership renewal notices were recently sent with a special offer. If you did not receive this limited time offer please contact us immediately at

Cable Muse Network, LLC (CMN), provides Press Pass and full credential services to assist writers and photographers for print and online journalism. Cable Muse Network LLC mission is to enhance the World Wide Web by providing an alternative source of information to academic communities and the public at large. It is the goal of Cable Muse Network and its websites to broaden perspectives, enrich awareness and deepen understanding of our world through reliable sources and historical content.

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