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A Love Story

By Pat Dean

Willie Galick and Alexandria Nicholes ( Pat Dean
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February 14, 2010 – Northridge, CA (Cable Muse Network, LLC) – CSUN basketball player Willie Galick and UCLA grad student Alexandria Nicholes is a new-fangled couple that symbolizes the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Cupid’s arrow struck the couple in December despite some uncertainty in the initial phases of evolution between the pair.

Galick’s teammate Mike Lizarraga, who was also a friend of Nicholes, had recommended his two acquaintances for each other. Mike showed a photograph of Alexandria to Willie that left the 6’8 forward very attracted to her. Despite Galick’s eye being caught by the beauty of Nicholes, Lizarrage failed to relay the message to Alexandria. It appeared that this innocent mistake would encumber if not end the process of Mike’s two friends to assemble, however a game in Denver would be the start to rectify the gaffe.

I had promised Mike that I would go to one of his games because I had never been to a CSUN game. I was going to Denver on business and I decided to attend the CSUN/Denver game as well and that night Willie stood out to me,” recalls Nicholes. “I saw him and it felt like my world stopped for a second. They lost so I didn't get a chance to see Mike or Willie after the game, but I did text Mike and told him to tell Willie he had a great game and I thought he was cute.”

While on her flight back home Alexandria dreamed about her best friend Kaci that had passed away a month prior. She had often had dreams about Kaci before, yet in this particular dream her best friend had an extraordinary message to relay to her. The message delivered was that Alexandria would love Willie and that Kaci did not have to worry about her any longer. Nicholes told a friend of her incredible dream and without her endorsement the friend located Willie on Facebook and sent a friend request to him under Alexandria’s account.

Willie Galick and Alexandria Nicholes ( Pat Dean

Apparently he accepted the request and sent me an email. He later told me he was excited to see my request because he thought I was beautiful, so we started sending each other these massively long messages on Facebook and texting like crazy,” explained Alexandria. At the time Willie wasn't looking to be in a relationship because he was leaving for Canada at the end of the school year, but he eventually asked her on a date.  That date lasted until 8am the next morning as the duo stayed up all night talking. The two of them have literally been together every day since unless Willie is on the road slam dunking on his opponents.

Willie Galick and Alexandria Nicholes ( Pat Dean

“I love her because she is an inspiration and no one has loved me back the same as she has. I love her because she was the missing piece to my life that I've been searching for, I have always felt like she and I can learn a lot from each other, making us one amazing couple,” said Willie.

As Valentines Day approaches the couple has become a true paradigm for the holiday due to the love notes that they leave each other daily or even Willie’s kind gesture of leaving Alexandria’s vitamins by her toothbrush so that she remembers to take them. It is these types of acts of unconditional love that could not deny Cupid’s arrow from hitting the twosome despite a mutual friend’s blunder and that is why Willie Galick and Alexandria Nicholes signify the red and pinks hearts of February 14.

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