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Best Friends Animal Society, operates the nation's largest companion animal sanctuary, and is the home of the hit National Geographic Channel show "Dogtown," offers to tap its vast network of shelters and rescuers around the country to help match the Obamas with just the right dog.

By Ben Cable

Spanky (Photo: Best Friends)

Cable Muse Network, November 5, 2008 -- Best Friends created a few friendly barks around the Obamas' search for a dog in mid-July when it launched the web site, In a matter of 24 hours approximately 20,000 dog lovers had signed a petition urging the Obamas to adopt from a shelter. The petition was capped at 50,000 in just a couple of weeks.

On the September 30th broadcast of Entertainment Tonight, Michelle Obama stated her family will “adopt a rescue dog. With the news that Barack Obama and his family plan to adopt a dog from a shelter, Best Friends offered to help. Dog lovers across the United States know Best Friends Animal Society which operates the nation's largest facility for homeless, companion animals including hundreds of dogs as the home of the show “DogTown”.

Julie Castle, Director of Community Programs and Services said, "We're so happy that the Obamas have decided to adopt rather than purchase a pet. Best Friends is the home of second chances, and adoption is so much a part of what we do that we are delighted to help in any way possible."

Best Friends and Guardians (Photo: Best Friends)

John Polis, Manager of Public Relations for Best Friends Animal Society, told Cable Muse “we have approximately 500 dogs available for adoption”. Julie castle stated, "Mixed breeds, pure breds, young, old, big, small, long-hair, short-hair, black, brown, white or any color in between--we can help the Obamas locate the perfect dog for their home." About 1,400 other animals also call Best Friends home. "Whether it's a mutt or a special breed on their list, we can tap our vast network of shelters and rescuers around the country to help match the Obamas with just the right dog," said Julie.

National Geographic: Dogtown - Second Chances
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Dogs at Best Friends live in "DogTown," the subject of a national television series airing on the National Geographic Channel. It is also home to 22 of the pit bulls from the Michael Vick dog fighting case, a subject covered in one of the DogTown episodes.

Polis said, "DogTown has been an exceptionally rewarding experience for all 450 employees here at Best Friends. It's allowed us to share our great work with all of America and countries around the world on the National Geographic Channel. We've also been able to showcase our little town of Kanab. We had our own ‘DogTown World Premier’ here where everyone came out. It was standing room only in our little 200-seat theatre.”

Dogtown: A Sanctuary for Rescued Dogs
Bob Somerville  More Info

Best Friends has been aggressively working to expose and shut down puppy mills, large breeding operations that mass produce and warehouse puppies before finally selling them in pet stores. Best Friends' "Puppies Aren't Products" national campaign spreads the word about the poor quality of life of young dogs that come from puppy mills. Each year, it is estimated that around 4 million dogs are bred in puppy mills, and Best Friends as an organization says this contributes significantly to the 4-5 million animals that die each year in shelters.

Hunter, Blue Tick Hound, adopted by Ben Cable

"In addition to overpopulation, many dogs are killed each year in shelters because not enough families know they are available for adoption," Castle said. "Best Friends believes that adopting a homeless pet is the right choice, and the Obamas' choice to adopt will surely help get the word out about this very important issue."

John Polis told Cable Muse, "It's been a joy for us that the high quality of our daily work with dogs, accomplished by Best Friends’ veterinarians, dog trainers, vet technicians, adoption experts and care givers, is showcased to animal lovers around the world. Best Friends is the home of second chances and as we prepare to celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2009, we continue to work at our longstanding pledge of making the world a better place through kindness to animals."

President Elect Obama, told his daughters in his historical acceptance speech, “Sasha and Malia I love you both more than you can imagine. And you have earned the new puppy that's coming with us to the new White House”.

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Potential adopters can also find a purebred dog from a breed rescue organization by searching the Google Search below and enter a city or state, the breed you are looking for, and the word "rescue."

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