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President Jimmy Carter - The Experience

By Ben Cable

President Jimmy Carter (Copyright Cable Muse Network, LLC)

Phoenix, AZ (Cable Muse Network) February 16, 2009 – Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, student of the Holy Land for three decades, and humanitarian, the 39th U.S. President Jimmy Carter has a plan for peace. Friday, he promoted his plan and his book, We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land, at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona.

A contingent of student reporters from local universities including ASU gathered with pads, pens cameras and prepared questions. They had been waiting for several hours so their camera equipment could be “swept” and cleared by Homeland Security. Room by room, shelf by shelf, men and canine searched the premises. Determined in her job protecting the President, a German Sheppard dislodged a book from one of the shelves to check behind it; an employee said playfully, “We have a saying here. You break it you bought it”.

The focus of security screening turned to the bookstore employees and then to media. The lead dog went about her task of checking previously opened camera bags; in her excitement she left enough saliva to make reporters joke about wipes for camera lenses.

Vigil for Peace (Copyright Cable Muse Network, LLC)

Outside a couple of the broadcast networks parked their vans. Deciding on camping outside, they avoided internal screening, however not immune from Homeland Security; one crew from Fox News was ordered to relocate away from the building.  As the desert sun set on the valley, several groups started silent vigils for peace; not a direct contradiction to Carter’s visit or his stand for peace in the middle east.

Students compare notes after Carters speech. (Copyright Cable Muse Network, LLC)

While waiting for President Carter, the journalist students enthusiastically shared their questions with Cable Muse Network. The majority included how do young people figure into the middle-east peace solution; another student reporter pointed out this was not addressed in Carter’s book.  The President did not take questions during his appearance; however, they hung on every word and shared notes at the conclusion of his presentation. Cable Muse Network has forwarded the students questions to the President’s publicist to respond, if he wishes.

Cable Muse Recommendation

We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land: A Plan That Will Work
Jimmy Carter

In a summary provided by the book’s publisher Simon & Schuster, “Carter describes the history of previous peace efforts and why they fell short. He argues persuasively that the road to a peace agreement is now open and that it has broad international and regional support. Most of all, since there will be no progress without courageous and sustained U.S. leadership, he says the time for progress is now. “

Rachel Tavares of Changing Hands bookstore said of President Carter, “He was charming. His southern charm came through.” By the end of the evening, the former President signed 1’600 copies of his book, We can Have Peace in the Holy Land.

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