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Interview with Cindy and Michael McCarty

By Joyce Godwin Grubbs

Cindy and Michael McCarty ( Joyce Godwin Grubbs
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March 4, 2010-Moline, IL (Cable Muse Network, LLC) - At the invitation of the McCarty’s, Cable Muse correspondent, Joyce Godwin Grubbs spent the afternoon touring their “eclectic” living space as Cindy (Ms. McCarty) calls it. The other inhabitant is their five-year-old Bunny appropriately named “Kitty”. We took pictures of Mike and Cindy “vamping” it up with his personal set of vampire teeth, and her “perfect white neck” which surely was inspiration in several of his books.

Michael McCarty had fourteen books published in the last eight years and in 2010 has six more coming out. He writes fiction, nonfiction, reviews music, does comedy and now is about to introduce his first children’s book “Rusty’s Robot’s Holiday Adventure.”(Co-authored by Sherry Decker.) He feels a little “schizophrenic” about his genres as; Liquid Diet is a vampire satire, Modern Mythmakers is a nonfiction interview book, Rusty the Robot is a fantasy children’s book and “With A Little Help From My Fiends” is a collection of short stories.

Cindy and Michael McCarty ( Joyce Godwin Grubbs

McCarty’s interview of literary Sci-fi greats and Hollywood celebrities include; Tina Jens, Marlene Bush (alien Resurrection), Tommy Chong (Cheech & Chong), Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues, Bobcat Goldthwait, Terry Pratchett and many more. (Twenty-six celebrities in one book and twenty-five in the next). Linea Quigley (Scream Queen in over 100 movies) writes an introduction, and the Amazing Kreskin an afterword in one of the books. McCarty’s interview books include: Giants of The Genre, (sequel) More Giants of the Genre, Modern Mythmakers and Esoteria-Land. His fifth interview book should be out the end of 2010 entitled, Masters of Imagination.

The author accidentally slipped the name of his sequel to Liquid Diet but it will be kept 'off the record'. The sequal should be finished this year with a release date soon to follow. He shared with Cable Muse that he and his then girlfriend, Cindy, both read Dracula in 1989 and kept posing to each other the question of what Dracula would do if he lived in Chicago in today’s world. Fast forward twenty years later, and the book based on that idea, (Liquid Diet) was finally published after years of rejections. A man of honor, Mike had always said if the book was ever published, he and Cindy would be married. Valentine’s Day 2009, he proposed officially and they set the date. CMN correspondent Joyce Goodwin Grubbs attended the November wedding and “unique” reception that followed. In a traditional receiving line between the two events, Cindy was surprised when Mike suddenly bent her back and pictures snapped as his vampire teeth hovered near her delicate throat.  A Haunted Couple (well-dressed skeleton groom and headless bride) guarded the wedding cake.

Cindy and Michael McCarty ( Joyce Godwin Grubbs

The prolific Michael McCarty is a must read in any genre you care to check out and his websites are always full of the “humorous side of horror, sci-fi, and snappy commentary by many in his field. Though the Bram Stoker is to his genre’ what the Oscar is to acting, Cable Muse also congratulates him on being the recipient of the distinguished. David R. Collins Literary Achievement Award, which is a personal and professional honor of distinction.

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