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Roslyn Kind ( Marcial Bolina
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February 24, 2010 – Peoria, AZ (Cable Muse Network, LLC) - Roslyn Kind has a dynamic voice, akin to her half-sister Barbara Streisand. Barbara Streisand has mesmerized millions world-wide in her film, stage and music career since the 1960’s.  Roslyn had also performed on Broadway, television and recorded many albums; however, Roslyn Kind remains on the B List of entertainers and today performs at small venues across the country.

Roslyn Kind ( Marcial Bolina for CMN at SKYE
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Friday, Roslyn Kind performed in front a full house in SKYE’s Platinum Room. Owner, Terry Davies introduced Kind to an enthusiastic audience. Roslyn came on stage in an unflattering black two piece pant suit; it must be casual Friday at SKYE.  Fortunately, Roslyn’s voice quickly brought the attention above her hem lines.

Roslyn Kind’s performance at SKYE was safe. Roslyn had few stand-out moments, notably when she held a strong note or when she went into impromptu dialogue. Roslyn Kind appeared to be just going through a routine more appropriate for a bar lounge than a stage. The evening included a short tribute to Shirley Bassey, and fell short of the vibrancy Bassey brought to her stage and the cinema legacy of James Bond fame.

David Snyder and Roslyn Kind ( Marcial Bolina

Accompanying Roslyn Kind, accomplished arranger and composer David Snyder had modest piano arraignments that came to life under the care of his nimble fingers. With Roslyn’s show, no masterpiece needed to be executed by Snyder; it may have overpowered her vocal talent if he had.  David Snyder’s work with Roslyn Kind and other artists has a distinct style, constant life across the ivory, a soft gait of whimsy, with appropriate doses of deep drama, all accomplished with class and distinction. David Snyder’s versatility is testament his style does not accompany on the piano for the artist, he is partner and fully vested in the performance.

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Roslyn’s vocal talent and repertoire was expected and may have been all the audience received. One woman spoke for her date and told CMN as they left the show, “It was nice,” with both nodding.  At the end of her performance Roslyn Kind received a standing ovation at SKYE which Cable Muse felt was ‘kind’. 

Do not trust your GPS in finding SKYE. SKYE could easily be passed by as it is flanked by hotels on its exterior in a growing metropolis of restaurants and night clubs. SKYE is a fun versatile venue, with great spaces for live entertainment.  Terry & Anne Davies are charming hosts and give the feeling that you are invited guests to their private party.  SKYE’s staff from valet to door, from table service to bar was unpretentious, professional and friendly.

Behind the Scene:

If it was not for the vocals of Roslyn Kind and the ivories of David Snyder, this review could have gone south when Roslyn singled out CMN reporters during her stage performance. The presence of reporters in front of the stage was not brought to Roslyn’s attention by her “manager” Jackie Stander of Scott Stander & Associates. Jackie had been notified earlier by Cable Muse Network, LLC and SKYE; apparently everyone knew except Roslyn. A restaurant critic would not want to show up on the menu for guests to digest, nor did intend on becoming a brief highlight in Roslyn Kind’s show.

Cable Muse Network ( was the only news network covering Roslyn Kind’s performance at SKYE.

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