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Tiger's Putting Challenge @ Hollywood and Highland Center

Lorrelle Monninger (

By Lorrelle Monninger

Hollywood, CA - On Tuesday, October 11, 2011, The Tiger Woods Foundation along with the Chevron World Challenge put on a Putter's Challenge at a custom built practice greens at the Hollywood and Highland Center in Hollywood. It was designed by the Back 9 Greens for the special event. The Putters Challenge is an advertisement for the upcoming Chevron World Challenge on December 1st at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Chevron World Challenge ( Lorrelle Monninger
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The greens, were a 3 hole putter range with a small sand trap that was set up in the middle of main court yard with security gates all around these special practice greens. About 20 feet away were  2 booths with music playing and a drawing for a chance to win a free round of golf at the Sherwood Country Club.

Gathered around the gates were golfing fans and shoppers waiting for the appearance of Tiger Woods. The hour before Tiger's appearance the sponsors, Chevron Prize team and Sherwood Country Club gave away, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Baseball hats, and golf balls to golf fans that answered golf trivia questions correctly. All fans watching were given a free pass , a grounds ticket to play for one day between November 30th , 2011 through December 2 . The passes are valid for Wednesdays through Fridays only. 

Tiger Woods in Hollywood ( Lorrelle Monninger

Three lucky fans answered very hard questions correctly and they got to putt on the practice greens for a gift bundle if they were to sink the golf ball in the hole. The prize bundle included: a Polo Shirt, a Hat and a small plush stuffed tiger, and 2 free passes to the Sherwood Country Club.

Tiger Woods arrived wearing a microphone, he waived to the fans and then three contests winners took a little time choosing their putters and the putters contest began. Each one had to put 3 rounds and the winner would win a dream package (a ticket to the Chevron World Challenge at Sherwood Country Club on December first.) The winner will get to go behind the ropes and walk with Tiger Woods for the first round of the Chevron World Challenge. Runners-up received an Nintendo Wii bundle signed by Tiger or VIP tournament tickets.

Tiger Woods in Hollywood ( Lorrelle Monninger

On the practice greens the Tiger was the first one up. He bent down and  read the greens for the perfect spot . He stood up and took his swing. The ball rolled down the greens and stopped just short of the hole. The look on Tiger's face was puzzled. The ball should have sunk in the hole. The next person eyed the angle and took his swing and he over shot the hole. Carole Alexander was next, a 67-year-old woman from Los Angeles, her exciting putt had made another round with Tiger and the other contestants. Woods was helping Alexander read putts, and he gave her a high-five when she made her 10-foot putt from off the green.

The last person to swing was Rick Tolentino, from Ventura CA. Appearing more confident than the other two contestants, Tolentino read the greens and the swung his ball rolled down the greens and went right over the hole. On the second round Tiger was up this time he was determined to get the ball in the hole and it was the second hole the ball rolled and stopped just inches from the hole. He sunk it in on his second swing.

Tiger Woods in Hollywood ( Lorrelle Monninger

Tiger was giving advice during the contest to the others on the green on how to read the greens better and pointed out, “The greens are not regulation specific, there are some dips in the greens and the AstroTurf is a bit soft so it is a bit more difficult to make the ball go where you wanted it to go.”

Tiger Woods stopped the contest for a moment and then took a swing and the ball rolled and went in to the hole. The audience could see Tiger's big smile and the crowd cheered. Rick Tolentino was up next and the ball rolled into the hole. The other two contestants did not get their balls into the holes. Rick Tolentino won the Challenge and will be walking with Tiger woods for he first round of the Chevron World Challenge After the contest was over Tiger Woods signed autographs and pictures with fans.

It was confirmed on Tiger Woods Foundation page, Rick Tolentino from Ventura, won the grand prize: walking inside the ropes with Tiger during the first round of the Chevron World Challenge. After four tied holes, Tolentino eventually lost to Tiger by one stroke on the fifth. 


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